Summary Submitter Posted Last Updated
Use Complementary color group for Folder View containment delegates instead of inverting Normal color group colors
September 28th, 2015, 5:31 p.m.
Add the Web Shortcuts KCM from kde-baseapps/konq to the KIO framework
July 14th, 2014, 8:18 p.m.
Port to KWindowSystem::forceActiveWindow
September 27th, 2016, 10 a.m.
Add Qt::Dialog to default flags to make QXcbWindow::isTransient() happy.
August 1st, 2016, 7:47 p.m.
Emit contextualActionsAboutToShow before showing the applet's contextualActions menu
July 31st, 2016, 9:26 a.m.
Fix the infamous 'dialogs show up on the Task Manager' bug once more.
July 15th, 2016, 7:38 a.m.
Add unclutter/cascade window actions
July 4th, 2016, 6:21 p.m.
Add a placement property to Menu and make use of it in a new openRelative() invokable
April 13th, 2016, 5:24 p.m.
Allow setting a minimum width on the menu
April 13th, 2016, 5:37 p.m.
Add overload for adding a MenuItem at a specific position
April 13th, 2016, 4:07 p.m.
Auto-add Input Method Panel widget to Default Panel when run with relevant language
January 15th, 2016, 2:14 a.m.
Expose BCP47 language id in shell scripting interface
January 15th, 2016, 2:10 a.m.
Drop unneeded timer from PlasmaCore.IconItem
December 22nd, 2015, 3:17 a.m.
Make sure PlasmaCore.WindowThumbnail doesn't redirect windows while disabled or invisible
December 22nd, 2015, 6:18 p.m.
Use gridUnit for default panel thickness
December 15th, 2015, 1:38 p.m.
Add screenPixelRatio(int screen) to desktop scripting API
December 14th, 2015, 6 p.m.
Fix extract to desktop:/ by using a StatJob to resolve to local URL
December 3rd, 2015, 5:28 p.m.
Port Kickoff to the Kicker backend
November 11th, 2015, 12:23 p.m.
Don't mangle UDS_TARGET_URL to UDS_LOCAL_PATH in UDSEntries
May 13th, 2015, 7:21 p.m.
Bump SOVERSION in libksysguard due to BIC change in 3f9ecc33
January 15th, 2015, 1:13 p.m.
Fix KFilePreviewGenerator not triggering model change update when determining MIME type as byproduct of unsuccessful preview job
July 31st, 2014, 6:02 a.m.
Install knetattach regularly instead of into libexec
July 7th, 2014, 11:32 a.m.
Fix template discovery in KNewFileMenu (incorrect port to QStandardPaths)
July 5th, 2014, 12:50 p.m.
Add config option to silently create initial password-less wallet
May 6th, 2013, 4:01 p.m.
Add tooltip to wallpaper thumbnail delegates showing wallpaper name and author when available
May 30th, 2014, 12:01 p.m.
Expose min/max length panel properties to desktop scripting, add bounds check and clean up length property setter
May 19th, 2014, 3:13 p.m.
Fix ToolTipArea.containsMouse not updating when tooltips are disabled globally
May 19th, 2014, 8:24 a.m.
Insert new Icon applets before the applet at the panel's center, if any
May 6th, 2014, 5:11 p.m.
Don't hide Dialog with hideOnWindowDeactivate==true on focus out when dialog is ancestor of new focus window
April 30th, 2014, 11:59 a.m.
Fix x/y property values in DeclarativeDragDropEvent
April 30th, 2014, 6:33 a.m.
Raise match ceiling in the KRunner plugin from 5 to 10
April 9th, 2014, 3:39 a.m.
Revamp decode pipeline to address several logic errors
November 12th, 2013, 7:02 p.m.
Attempt to unbreak pre-configuring QML applets via desktop scripting, take 2
October 26th, 2013, 3:26 p.m.
Attempt to unbreak pre-configuring QML applets via desktop scripting
October 26th, 2013, 12:55 a.m.
Juggle around Kiosk include names to avoid incorrect library linkage and for better layering
September 13th, 2013, 11:35 p.m.
Better wrap QMimeData by retaining support for QByteArray
July 27th, 2013, 5:59 p.m.
Sync kwalletmanager settings UI to kwalletd changes proposed in review 110330
May 6th, 2013, 4:16 p.m.
Make "Prompt on access" kwalletd setting apply in more situations
May 6th, 2013, 4:13 p.m.
Drop cursor font support and convert KDE Classic into an image-based theme
May 6th, 2013, 8:55 p.m.
Fix crash in Plasma::Applet::configDialogFinished() in the containment case
April 24th, 2013, 6:19 p.m.
Tint selected icons in Folder View by highlight color (as Dolphin 2.0)
April 13th, 2013, 2:53 p.m.
Make "Execute" automagically switch to an appropriate launch config based on its name
October 24th, 2012, 11:13 a.m.
Tint selected icon in KFileItemDelegate by highlight color (as Dolphin 2.0)
April 13th, 2013, 3:12 p.m.
Sort Folder View preview popup by default if main view is unsorted
April 13th, 2013, 2:50 p.m.
Use cached KStatefulBrushes in sidebar list delegate
February 14th, 2013, 1:20 p.m.
Allow applications hosting the Konsole KPart to monitor for silence and activity
August 5th, 2011, 11:30 a.m.