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[patch] Port dolphin-plugins to KF5 without kdelibs4support
September 14th, 2015, 6:12 p.m.
[search] Reload search view when file is deleted or copied
October 10th, 2016, 1:33 p.m.
[amarok] Try port services to KF5
October 21st, 2016, 2:01 p.m.
[kio-extras] Thumbs for audio files
March 5th, 2017, 4:51 a.m.
Remove specific X11 code
February 1st, 2016, 6:24 p.m.
[terminalDisplay] Abort calculating geometry for invalid rect
February 3rd, 2017, 5:59 p.m.
Complete oxygen look and feel
January 22nd, 2017, 5:42 a.m.
[ExtractorCollection] Use mimetype inheritance to return plugins
December 29th, 2016, 6:55 a.m.
[Project plugin] Let clarify focus proxies
January 29th, 2017, 6:57 p.m.
[baloo_file_extractor] Limit CPU usage
December 25th, 2016, 1:27 p.m.
[KStatusNotifierItem] Restore mnimized window as normal
December 17th, 2016, 3:15 p.m.
[IconDialog] Set proper icons group
January 15th, 2017, 10:27 a.m.
[KStandadAction] Correct menubars logic
January 25th, 2017, 8:38 p.m.
[lookandfeel] Support changing window decoration
January 22nd, 2017, 1:05 p.m.
[kcm] Fix reset logic
January 23rd, 2017, 7:11 p.m.
Complete breeze-dark look and feel
January 22nd, 2017, 6:02 a.m.
[lookandfeel] Complete breeze look and feel
January 22nd, 2017, 5:54 a.m.
[recentlyPLayedList] Add keyboard shortcuts
December 20th, 2016, 5:06 a.m.
[dragon] Inhibit powersave
December 14th, 2016, 4:43 a.m.
[recentlyPlayedList] Do not add duplicate entries
December 20th, 2016, 6:11 p.m.
[dragon] Simplified transition between different views
December 23rd, 2016, 6:16 a.m.
[DolphinSearchBox] Show search view only if it's enabled
December 26th, 2016, 1:20 p.m.
[KNotificationRestrictions] Let user can specify restriction reason string
December 17th, 2016, 3:48 p.m.
[libtaskmanager] Stop highlighted window effect in group item
May 28th, 2016, 7:19 p.m.
WindowThumbnail] Update thumbnail content
December 18th, 2016, 12:49 p.m.
[filenamesearch] Fix huge ram usage in kded module
November 14th, 2016, 5:05 a.m.
[KStatusNotifierItem] MinimizeRestore does not "run" over the desktop on X11
February 29th, 2016, 5:18 a.m.
[karbon] Returning of Karbon as maintained product
November 17th, 2016, 8:09 p.m.
[stencil] Follow system color for stencilsdocker icons
November 20th, 2016, 7:48 p.m.
[connectionTool] Check dynamic_cast return type
November 21st, 2016, 5:42 a.m.
[flake] Serialize / deserialize svg conicalGradient
November 22nd, 2016, 6:43 p.m.
[shortcuts] Undo / Redo shortkeys
November 22nd, 2016, 7:27 p.m.
[widgets] Make sure destination xml file path exist
November 20th, 2016, 9:37 a.m.
[karbon] Correct usage of KPageDialog in KarbonConfigureDialog.cpp
November 20th, 2016, 9:42 a.m.
[shapefiltereffects] Update ConvolveMatrixEffect kernel accordingly to order
November 19th, 2016, 4:33 p.m.
[calligra] Remove obsolete typedefs, deprecated since Qt 5.7
November 17th, 2016, 6:54 p.m.
[filenamesearch] Add kded module to watch file changes
October 31st, 2016, 3:53 p.m.
[htmlcreator] Port to QtWebEngine
November 6th, 2016, 11:47 a.m.
[git plugin] Correct revert action arguments
October 28th, 2016, 10:51 a.m.
[kcoredirlister] Ability to watch files changes
October 17th, 2016, 8:14 a.m.
[konqueror] Ability to navigate with mouse back/forward buttons
October 8th, 2016, 11:29 a.m.
[kdialog] Ability to read from stdin in textbox
October 6th, 2016, 5:57 p.m.
[corona] Sync config immidiately when it's dirty
September 28th, 2016, 7:42 a.m.
[busy indicator] Limit animation loops
September 24th, 2016, 4:36 a.m.
[DesktopView] Stop raising desktop over dialog windows
August 10th, 2016, 1:22 p.m.
[smart attribute] SSD attributes
August 18th, 2016, 12:27 p.m.
Dragonplayer [patch]
September 1st, 2015, 4:29 p.m.
[taskmanager] ToolTipDelegate Dragon fix
April 25th, 2016, 6:01 p.m.
[libkwin] Stop raising the desktop
August 9th, 2016, 5:22 p.m.
[libkerfuffle] Ark application exits before job's finished
June 11th, 2016, 6:33 a.m.
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