Working port to Qt5/KF5

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Malte Veerman

I apologize for the large code drop. I started working on this a few months back but was never quite satisfied with it until now.
This diff "finishes" the port to Qt5/KF5. No Kdelibs4support either. There are still lots of applets that need porting, the only services that work right now are Ampache and Magnatune and the whole scripting thing still needs a rewrite.
What also works is the new QML context area with the following applets: Currenttrack, Analyzer, Wikipedia and Songtext. Songtext only works because of a dirty hack I made in its backend script. Autotests are also fixed.
Apart from that I gave the whole plugin system an overhaul and ported the signal/slot connections to the new syntax. I also added a new class called "AmarokSharedPointer" that is basically identical to the old KSharedPointer. Porting that to QSharedPointer or QExplicitlySharedDataPointer seemed like a major headache. Also some minor fixes and improvements all over the place.

All autotests working.


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