Simplify KRuler and give it a fresher look

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Aurélien Gâteau

I am sorry this patch is quite long: there was always something not completely OK while I was working on it, preventing me from posting the current state. I manage to split the changes in 3 patches. This is only the first one, but it still is a large beast.

I started by making KRuler draw scale numbers less often to avoid ugly overlapping texts. I then made it draw ticks on both sides, to go from 4 orientations (North, South, West, East) to 2: vertical or horizontal.

The optional rotation and buttons were getting in the way though: the symmetric ticks required the scale numbers to be vertically centered so buttons were overlapping it. I decided to remove them (they were already off by default): with only two orientations it is less useful to have rotation buttons: it is simple enough to use either the context menu, middle-click the ruler, or the R shortcut to change the orientation. Closing is accessible through the context menu as well.

One of the reasons (I think) for the 4 orientations was the color picker feature. It makes little sense to me to have a color picker in a ruler: it is more natural to use KColorChooser to pick colors. I removed the color picker, allowing me to remove the oddly shaped mouse cursor and refresh the appearance of the length indicator to something a bit nicer (IMHO).

I then made it easier to adjust the length of the ruler by dragging its edges instead of having to pick the appropriate length from a sub-menu of the context menu. This made it possible to remove this sub-menu.

Oh, and I updated the documentation! Hopefully without Docbook errors.






Used it a lot. Did not catch any regression.

Jonathan Riddell
Aurélien Gâteau
Aurélien Gâteau
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