[Ksirk frameworks] Remove dependency on KDELibs4Support (rebased)

Review Request #130103 - Created April 23, 2017 and updated

Nemanja Hirsl

[Ksirk frameworks] Remove dependency on KDELibs4Support (rebased)

Network game was NOT tested

Nemanja Hirsl
Nemanja Hirsl
Nemanja Hirsl


The whole thing for iris is a bit complicated than this.

Upstream changes are bigger and maybe it migth be worth trying including new(er) iris from upstream?

Change for this particular line is a part of bigger commit: Qt5 compatibility fixes https://github.com/psi-im/iris/commit/64947677b0e9e60699900628438c84564ffd10d8

Laurent Montel

Did you find time for testing game ?

  1. Unfortunately, not that much as I would like.
    I've tested local gameplay and it works good - as on master.

    However, network game has a lot of issues on both master and frameworks. Unfortunately, almost unusable on both branches. There are few crashes as well. The whole network park has to be closely analyzed and fixed.
    Haven't tried xmpp game. It is declared as experimental in ksirk.

  2. It looks like settings don't work.
    On master KsirkConfigurationDialog::updateSettings is called, but on frameworks is never called.