[Ksirk frameworks] Port kDebug to qCDebug

Review Request #130100 - Created April 22, 2017 and submitted

Nemanja Hirsl

[Ksirk frameworks] Port kDebug to qCDebug

Build and gameplay.
Logs are available with the category org.kde.ksirk
Default log level is debug.

Luigi Toscano
Nemanja Hirsl
Nemanja Hirsl
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Status: Closed (submitted)

Change Summary:

Submitted with commit b4fdedad4592000a402744ee38fea052f867dcd2 by Nemanja Hirsl to branch frameworks.
Luigi Toscano

Sent without a ship it, and with a bad format for the commit message.

  1. Change reverted. Please discuss this on IRC before sending, the change was not complete:
    - a lot of kDebug under ksirk/Jabber/ ; they have not been not converted by the script because they had a category, but they could have been easily spotted with a manual check. 
    - the commit message should have been a bit different. It was:
    REVIEW: 130100
    [Ksirk frameworks] Port kDebug to qCDebug
    All logs converted
    Things to change:
    * it should respect the git guidelines (first relevant summary line, max 55/60 characters+blank line+ rest of commit message. Here the blank line is missing.
    * the first line should contain the description, so "Port kDebu to qCDebug"; the REVIEW is an internal detail and should go in the body of the commit message.
    * [Ksirk frameworks] is not needed. This is the ksirk repository, frameworks is part of the context. 
    A possible commit message can be:
    Port kDebug to qCDebug
    All logs converted
    REVIEW: 130100
    I want to think that you pushed this by mistake. So please reopen this and discuss again, I'm also on IRC.
  2. Please, do not revert changes

    There are too many files to manage for multiple reviews and a lot of conflicts to resolve between them.
    Once everything is in place, we can work on details.
    More important changes are comming.

  3. It's already reverted, so let's work on fixing that first. The other change will come later, after the first one is accepted.

    Multiple changes should not be a problem: git can handle them for you. You can rewrite your local history, create multiple branches. That's not a problem.

  4. Just to be clear: if you ask for reviews, you should be ready to deal with the reviews. You can skip the review and push directly, we don't forbid this, sure, but then there are other consequences that should be dealt with as well: ensure that your changes don't conflict with other changes pushed to the same repository (because then other people could fix on the fly the mistakes), ensure that the build.kde.org and so on.

  5. All right.
    Can you finish this one then, update what's needed?

  6. I will do it for the sake of finishing this porting task, but it's not how it should work.

  7. Thanks!