Allow the KGlobalAccel be a "Tier 2" framework if needed.

Review Request #130092 - Created April 19, 2017 and discarded

Palo Kisa
graesslin, mklapetek

By using the MINIMAL_RUNTIME_DEPS allows minimizing the run-time
dependencies -> remove the KCrash & KService dependency/usage.

With this we can make KGlobalAccel a "Tier 2" framework and allow
downstream packagers make a lighter versions of packages (these of
course must state conflicts with the "normal" packages). It is usefull
for projects outside KDE, that are trying to reuse existing work with
minimal dependencies.

Note: making this proposal for LXQt, where we would like to drop our
own shortcut daemon and (re)use your work.

Compiled, run, works...

Martin Flöser
Palo Kisa
Review request changed

Status: Discarded