Fix incorrect definition of major(3)/minor(3) macros

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KJ Tsanaktsidis
Previously, udesksblock.cpp was attempting to find a definition for
major/minor on Linux in <sys/kdev_t.h> by checking Q_OS_LINUX before
importing the header. Q_OS_LINUX is however only set when
qsystemdetection.h is included, and the macro was being checked first.

Even had this check worked, it would still be wrong. On a modern version
of the userspace linux-headers, <sys/kdev_t.h> includes definitions for
major and minor that assume each is limited to 8 bits and that dev_t is
16 bits. This is no longer true anymore; on Linux, major numbers can be
up to 12 bits at present and minor numbers up to 20. Calling these
macros with dev_t values > 2^16 would give incorrect results.

Because the Q_OS_LINUX check failed, a fallback version of the macros
were defined for use on all platforms. The code is allegedly copied from
kdev_t.h, except it is copied from the *kernel* version of the header,
not the userspace version. Linux internally uses a different
representation of dev_t than it exposes to userspace - the kernelspace
version is 20 bits of minor/12 bits of major contiguously, but the
userspace version packs the bits in a different order to maintain
compatability with old 16-bit device numbers. Thus, this code also does
not work for dev_t values > 2^16.

To fix this, we add CMake rules to search for a system-provided
definition of the major/minor macros - on various systems, these can be
in a few different places. As a fallback, we assume old-style 16-bit
dev_t (although I suspect that is only used for Windows, where
major/minor numbers are pretty meaningless anyway).

I've written a little snippet to iterate through block devices, print their major/minor number, and their device properties. It was previously incorrectly labeling all my disks with major 0 and minor == device_number (since it was using the first 20 bits for the minor). It now correctly identifies their major/minor number.


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