Only follow mouse when moved (Fixes Bug #372635)

Review Request #130088 - Created April 15, 2017 and updated

Leszek Lesner

Use a new variable __moved to detect if mouse moved and only change index if the mouse moved. This helps preventing index changes when only using keyboard to search something in milou and to not accidently start/open something you did not want (see bug report )

In general the onEntered signal seems to be broken in Qt somehow as I could not make it work reliably with Qt 5.7.1. Sometimes it worked but mostly the code using onEntered failed to work with onPositionChanged (I guess this also does not always set it to true).
Hence I tried containsMouse which seems to work reliably at least on Qt 5.7.1.
Tests are appreciated especially on other Qt versions.

David Edmundson
Sorry for being dim, but I don't understand how this is meant to work.

In order for __moved to be true in containsMouseChanged:

You're either expecting to get a hoverMoveEvent followed by a hoverEnterEventOr you're expecting to get a hoverEnterEvent twice

Those will only happen if you enter a delegate, leave and enter it again? What else would cause it?
lib/qml/ResultDelegate.qml (Diff revision 1)