RFC : Added test directory structure

Review Request #130081 - Created April 11, 2017 and updated

Vijay Krishnavanshi
mlaurent, pali

Request for comments. Created the test directory structure so its is easy for every one to add and contribute test where required. Ignore the changes that are made but comment whether this directory structure is good or is there any other better way of doing it. Plan is to put all the tests includeing unit tests in a separate directory for testing.
Tests under particular directory in tests folder will cover that section only.
Other option can be to disperse them through out the project with the section being tested.



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? Laurent Montel Laurent Montel
Why adding options ? Laurent Montel Laurent Montel
it will work for sure :) Laurent Montel Laurent Montel
Laurent Montel

CMakeLists.txt (Diff revision 1)


tests/CMakeLists.txt (Diff revision 1)

Why adding options ?

  1. I thought adding option will be good idea to switch off particular test at least during the time when they are written.

  2. nope you need to create test and commit them when it works fine

tests/kopete/main.cpp (Diff revision 1)

it will work for sure :)

  1. I made this review request as I wanted some input on the directory structure not the test itself. Is it good idea to put all the tests including unit tests in directory tests?

Laurent Montel

if it"s autotests (unittest) it's better to move them in autotests directory
tests means "manual test"