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Alexander Trufanov

This patch enables search plugin and makes it usable again.
Few bugs have been fixed. Compilation issues fixed.
Major changes are:
1. A new setting "Use proxy settings for search" has been added to module preferences page. This page is aded to KTorent settings when plugin is loaded. If it's enabled (by default) plugin applies KT proxy settings to its emedded browser. Currently many torrent search engines are moved to .i2p and .onion networks. The only way to access them is a HTTP proxy via Tor or something like that. For example 2 biggest torrent trackers in my country support openSearch and could be atomatically added into this plugin, but both are blocked inside country on internet provider level.
2. ALL default search providers has been removed. They are all dead. Last few of them was closed a month ago or something like that. I've added only a few as a replaement. These are search engine, and / - publicly available DHT search engines, clones of BTDigg. Teese seems to be lightweight enough and not agressive with ads and fake search results.
3. Now plugin tries to find OpenSearch description xml of a website by accessing its default location if its location isn't communicated via link tag in html. It also able to use local favicon.ico files for default search engines without loading them (they could be included in package).

Albert Astals Cid
Alexander Trufanov
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