Make kwalletd5 service both org.kde.kwalletd5 and org.kde.kwalletd

Review Request #130058 - Created March 29, 2017 and submitted

Andreas Sturmlechner

These are not my own patches, I'm creating this review request after having been made aware of kwalletd4_dbus_compat branch in kwallet.git, which I simply rebased on top of current master (author of course preserved) to be able to test it. I think it would be a great improvement over the current situation that is rather confusing to the users.

The changes are organised in 5 commits:

  • Check for unique applicaton instance as early as possible
    Exit before KWalletD and the MigrationAgent has been initialized.
    The return value is changed, but concurrent instatiation of kwalletd is
    not a fault.

  • Only start timer for migration agent if necessary

  • Whitespace fixup
  • Signal completion of migration agent
  • Replace kwalletd4 after migration has finished
    kwalletd5 can service both org.kde.kwalletd5 and org.kde.kwalletd

Migration itself was not tested so far, but a legacy application like ksirk was able to create a new wallet just fine and can access it as well. I do not have kwalletd4 installed anymore.

David Faure
David Faure
Andreas Sturmlechner
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Submitted with commit c2fe10e2e75304114de89aa83381cfa20e6e9734 by Andreas Sturmlechner on behalf of Stefan Brüns to branch master.
Stefan Brüns

Thanks for pushing this upstream!