Do not convert to ps for printing---at least sometimes

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Oliver Sander

This patch is an improved version of what is in the pdfprintpdf branch. (There is really only a single patch in that branch.)

The patch tries to avoid converting pdf files to ps files for printing as much as possible. In particular:

  • If we are printing a file, and printing of annotations is not requested, then the pdf file is sent straight to the printer.
  • If rasterization is requested, then the short previously-windows-only printing code is used, because it does exactly that: printing by rasterization.
  • In all other cases, the file is converted to ps as before.
  • The big #ifdef Q_OS_WIN ... #else ... #endif is removed. All code is compiled on all platforms, but on Windows forceRasterize is always set. Therefore, the behavior on Windows remains unchanged.

There are a few behavioral changes that I know of:
- The resolution of the rasterization most likely changes. Don't know whether this is a problem.
- Previously, when printing without printAnnots to a file, the result file did not have the annotations anymore. With the new code, the annotations are still there, but they are still actual annotations, unlike what you get when using the old code to print annotations. I am not sure whether to call this a regression or a feature.

I am motivated to improve this patch some more, but I need some guidance. What direction should I take to obtain something mergeable?

Also: in the file fileprinter.h it says:

// This Class is a temporary addition to Okular for the duration of KDE 4.0.
// In KDE 4.1 this class will either be moved to kdelibs if still required,
// or replaced with a Qt 4.4 based solution.

KDE 4.1 is long gone. What is fileprinter supposed to be replaced with?



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Do you really need to store this? doesn't Document already have this somewhere else? Albert Astals Cid Albert Astals Cid
This is a separete bugfix? Albert Astals Cid Albert Astals Cid
Oliver Sander
Albert Astals Cid
Oliver Sander
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New behavior can now be disabled via a new print option 'use postscript'


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Albert Astals Cid

  1. I submitted the rasterization/QPrinter part of this patch separately as

    I am not really convinced about the rest anymore. Sending the pdf file directly to the printer is a dead end.

    • No way to control the annotation behavior (which I think is important)
    • Will not print recently-added annotations, unless you saved them to the file first
    • Not platform independent -- still needs lpr
    • all this at the price of another config option.
generators/poppler/generator_pdf.h (Diff revision 2)

Do you really need to store this? doesn't Document already have this somewhere else?

part.cpp (Diff revision 2)

This is a separete bugfix?