Fix Selecting of Newly Created Items in Parent Folder

Review Request #130001 - Created March 9, 2017 and updated

Tsu Jan
elvisangelaccio, emmanuelp

After going up from a folder to its parent, created items aren't selected in the parent folder because of a double slash in the url (whose origin is unknown to me). This is a workaround.

Tsu Jan
Review request changed


Emmanuel Pescosta
Thanks for the patch.

Instead of normalizing the urls in Dolphin, we should try to find the root cause of the problem (or otherwise fix it in KIO).

How to you create the new items?
  1. I completely agree with you that the root cause should be found and fixed -- this was rather a workaround (for my personal use), not a real fix. The plasmoid "Folder View" creates such URL's too.

    How to you create the new items?

    The standard way, by using the "Create New" menu-item.