Update Clojure syntax highlighting

Review Request #129946 - Created March 24, 2017 and submitted

Markus Brenneis
  • add .cljc extension (Clojure and ClojureScript files with support for reader conditionals)
  • add several functions from the standard library to the list of keywords
  • highlight constants false, true, nil, and parameters of anonymous functions (%, %1, %2, etc.)
  • highlight reader conditional (#?)
  • highlight documentation of functions and regular expressions differently from strings
  • highlight TODO and FIXME in comments
  • fix @ and ~ messing up bracket highlighting and matching in expressions like (first @state)
  • highlight maps ({…}), sets (#{…}), and meta data (^{…}) differently and highlight matching closing brace in matching color
  • highlight character literals like \newline, \o123
  • highlight numbers given in different base (like 2r101010) or with explicit type (like 3.14M)
  • highlight namespaced keywords properly
  • add spellChecking attribute
  • tested for one month with own Clojure code
  • attached test file


Dominik Haumann
Markus Brenneis
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Status: Closed (submitted)

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Submitted with commit 2ca38099dda5c8065bf628a69760072db74590be by Dominik Haumann on behalf of Markus Brenneis to branch master.