Added a 'save search' button to the dolphin search bar. Not ready to be shipped.

Review Request #129936 - Created Feb. 9, 2017 and updated

Ryan McCoskrie

Bug 269332: Save Search button

  • Discovered testing builds are broken, built without.
  • Saved a search for 'foo' in my home directory.
  • The name was "(I18N_EMPTY_MESSAGE)" but it was a valid link.
Emmanuel Pescosta
Thanks for the patch!

I don't think that we should add another way to bookmark the current search.
The same can already be achieved by either dragging it to the places panel or by doing RMB -> Add to places. The search folders then appears in the group "Search for".
From a user point of view this is the same as bookmarking a normal folders, thus the user is already aware of this workflow.

What do you (and others) think?
  1. Sorry for taking so long. I'm okay with closing this as a non-issue if that is what you think is best.