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[kio-extras] thumbnails should be a clean image representation without "hard-coded" borders or design elements

Review Request #129921 - Created Feb. 4, 2017 and submitted

Diego Soenens

This patch is part of https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/129918/ - see the discussion on the old patch https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/118961/.

Many thumbnail generators currently return ThumbCreator::DrawFrame in their flags() function which causes a 90's style 1px "3d" border to be added to the thumbnail image.
This causes problems when consumers of these thumbnails (like Dolphin) expect a clean image representation of the file, without hard-coded design elements.
It also looks really bad when any resizing/scaling happens or when the thumbnail is shown on a tooltip. Especially now that the UI has been modernized with Breeze.


David Faure
Diego Soenens
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Status: Closed (submitted)

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Submitted with commit db7f8d0c945880b0fbb5ea9ad8ed6817d6ba0340 by David Faure on behalf of Diego Soenens to branch Applications/16.12.