[Project plugin] Let clarify focus proxies

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Anthony Fieroni
cullmann, dhaumann, sandsmark

Load project plugin then project (git mostly) click on "Current project" (bottom panel by default)
1. Clicking on tab focus input field (terminal, linedit, notes)
2. Double click "Current project" will have same foxus proxies
3. Terminal has an one issue (Martin is added to this) Click on teminal -> double click on "Current project" -> terminal is not painted correct -> click in -> now is painted. The problem is in TeminalDisplay.cpp (about me)

Events to TeminalDisplay

QEvent(WindowActivate, 0x7ffeabdb6830)
QFocusEvent(FocusIn, ActiveWindowFocusReason)
QInputMethodQueryEvent(queries=0x101, {})
QInputMethodQueryEvent(queries=0x101, {})
QPaintEvent(QRegion(0,0 862x183))
QPaintEvent(QRegion(842,0 20x183))
QPaintEvent(QRegion(217,1 9x16))
QEnterEvent(QPoint(447,182)) <----------- not painted correct
QMouseEvent(MouseButtonPress, LeftButton, localPos=447,163, screenPos=480,1027) <------------ click in
QPaintEvent(QRegion(1,1 837x16)) // <------------ painted correct
QPaintEvent(QRegion(217,1 9x16))
QMouseEvent(MouseButtonRelease, LeftButton, localPos=447,163, screenPos=480,1027)

Anthony Fieroni
Anthony Fieroni
Dominik Haumann
Anthony Fieroni
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