fix some bugs in kcm_colors

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Martin Koller
372309, 372407
mart, ochurlaud

the new kcm_colors has some bugs which this patch addresses:

1) memory leak when opening SchemeEditorDialog (is never deleted)
2) The color preview widget can be reduced in height to nearly zero, which makes no sense
3) The scheme editor does not reflect any color change in the preview widget
4) triple-redundant widgets in the scmeditorcolors.ui file
5) user unfriendly current tab when opening the SchemeEditorDialog (I want to change a color, so the color tab shall be active)
6) Unneeded and incorrect tab index enum (enum values were not corresponding to the index the tab was inserted)
7) The SchemeEditorDialog did not just only expand the color table when enlarging the dialogs height

Olivier Churlaud
Martin Koller
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Submitted with commit 1d05792ad782ce4cd41e31c1ab6eef3026b5218b by Martin Koller to branch master.