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Elvis Angelaccio
okular, usability

Show non-intrusive info messages whenever the search start over from the beginning or the bottom of the document, instead of asking the user if s/he wants to continue the search. This is consistent with search in KWrite/Kate and with web browsers.

Search for something in a pdf, click Next until reaching the end of document. Click again Next and the search starts over from the beginning of the document, without the "Continue from the beginning?" dialog.


Elvis Angelaccio
Albert Astals Cid
Elvis Angelaccio
Albert Astals Cid
Elvis Angelaccio
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Screenshots before/after to help the usability people.

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Thomas Pfeiffer

Great idea!
The only feedback I have is that currently the message is visually detached from the search bar (which the user is likely to focus on at this point because that's where they've just clicked a button).
Could it be placed at the bottom, directly above the search bar instead?

  1. Not really, it seems that with the current architecture the message widget can only be placed to the top-left corner, or top-right if the layout is right-to-left. This could be changed but I'm afraid I don't know the codebase well enough to do it.