[lookandfeel] Support changing window decoration

Review Request #129872 - Created Jan. 22, 2017 and updated

Anthony Fieroni
129867, 129869, 129868
broulik, hpereiradacosta, mart

Applying a look and feel global theme will change visual changes in:
1. Widget style
2. Color scheme
3. Icons
4. Plasma theme
5. Mouse pointer
6. Window switcher
7. Desktop switcher
8. Window decoration
This patch aims to implement (or correct) applying of windows decortion. When user select Oxygen look and feel (before was other no matter what) it should read default configuration for oxygen look and feel. It's located in oxygen/lookandfeel/contents/defaults (https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/129867/), e.g. it's look like







In KCMLookandFeel::load() we get what package support (you see oxygen does not support changing WindowSwitcher and DesktopSwitcher)
In KCMLookandFeel::save() we read what is supported now in value e.g. library=org.kde.oxygen and write it in place that will work and kwin expects in kwinrc by function
KCMLookandFeel::setWindowDecoration kwinrc does not have a theme -> i will remove it. In DBUS calls, after writing in right place of configuration, we apply all changes.



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this is not reading the default settings. Also theme is missing Martin Flöser Martin Flöser
what about theme? Martin Flöser Martin Flöser
I don't understand why the group is changed here? Was if wrong before? How was it wrong? Martin Flöser Martin Flöser
If this is no longer needed, why put it together with an unrelated change? Martin Flöser Martin Flöser
what is this method for? Your change has no call to it Martin Flöser Martin Flöser
what is this method for, your change nowhere calls it? Martin Flöser Martin Flöser
Martin Flöser
Anthony Fieroni
Martin Flöser
Martin Flöser
Martin Flöser
Anthony Fieroni
Anthony Fieroni
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