Parley: Download vocabulary files from KDE Store

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Dimitris Kardarakos

Currently, when trying to download new vocabularies a network error message is displayed. A category should be explicitly selected as a second step in order a set of vocabularies to be retrieved. This set of vocabularies is retrieved from Nevertheless, in KDE Store, a new location/category has been introduced in terms of Parley vocabulary files. Changing parley.knsrc configuration file using the same provider as parley-themes.knsrc (the one responsible for Parley ui themes), vocabulary files are downloaded from the KDE Store repository.

  • Select File > Download New Vocabularies...

Now, vocabulary files are retrieved from KDE Store.

Dimitris Kardarakos
Review request changed


Burkhard Lück

without patch: network error
with patch: a lot of files available for installation

so +1 from me as user

btw there seem to be more kdeedu apps where downloading does not work, e.g. kwordquiz

  1. The network error message is a different issue that is tracked by a RR in KNewStuff. As a workaround, selecting a category will show all files. (

    Regarding this patch, as I see only the KDE Store is used from now on. But that would remove the possibility to access the kvtml files from Is this correct? IMO we should provide access to both providers, since not all resources from are available in the store.

  2. From my viewpoint, having a single location for downloading (and uploading as well) seems more convenient. So, if a kind of migration of vocabulary files could take place form to KDE Store, it would be nice. Nevertheless, in case that the multiple providers approach is what we need, may you direct me to how such a solution could be implemented? I have looked into the documentation as well as into other implementations and I did not find a straightforward solution in order to combine these providers.

  3. What is the status? If new categories need to be added to the KDE store, we can ask their maintainers.