move kcron kcm docbook to subdir kcontrol, proofread + update date/releaseinfo

Review Request #129808 - Created Jan. 12, 2017 and submitted

Burkhard Lück
the kcron kcm docbook was installed to subdir kcontrol/kcron, but the translated docbooks to subdir kcron, 
therefore the language docbooks are not found in kf5 khelpcenter and only the english docbook is displayed

To fix this:
move kcron kcm docbook to subdir kcontrol, consistent to dir layout in kde4 and as dir layout kdeutils/kdf
proofread + update date/releaseinfo

When this RR is committed/closed we need

1) this patch 
$ svn diff l10n-kf5/scripts/documentation_paths 
Index: l10n-kf5/scripts/documentation_paths
--- l10n-kf5/scripts/documentation_paths        (revision 1479927)
+++ l10n-kf5/scripts/documentation_paths        (working copy)
@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@
 entry umbrello git:// frameworks:doc
 module kdeadmin
-entry kcron git:// HEAD:doc
+entry kcontrol/kcron git:// HEAD:doc/kcontrol
 entry ksystemlog git:// HEAD:doc
 module kdeutils

2) move docmessages/kdeadmin/kcron.po docmessages/kdeadmin/kcontrol_kcron.po in

kcron build + installed

Luigi Toscano
Burkhard Lück
Burkhard Lück
Luigi Toscano
Burkhard Lück
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Submitted with commit 0d795248688f56748bbe9ad6008adc636f9d99f2 by Burkhard Lück to branch master.