digital-clock: Update iso-3166 codes in timezones

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Jiri Bohac
Update the list of country names to the current names in iso-codes
(as output by isoquery -c).

The motivation is updating the name of Czechia as a followup to
As suggested by Albert Astals Cid, fixing the name in i10n is not enough: 
country names are hardcoded in many places and they need to be fixed separately.



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This follows the official name already, not the common name, so the change is not needed. Pino Toscano Pino Toscano
Pino Toscano
Aleix Pol Gonzalez
Sebastian Kügler
Jiri Bohac
Albert Astals Cid
Sebastian Kügler
Jiri Bohac
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Submitted with commit 5668ff05ad8cfc027bbd9fe7692fc2be518649c6 by Albert Astals Cid on behalf of Jiri Bohac to branch master.