Add --nofork as compatibility alias for --separate

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Harald Sitter
In previous incarnations of kuniqueapplication it used to inject a common
command option --nofork which is meant to bypass single-instance behavior.
Given that konsole can and is being invoked from scripts they may well want
to ensure that the fork they created is the actual instance of konsole.
i.e. to monitor return values and life time

Presently, since the options are divergent between konsole4 and konsole5,
scripts are either incompatible with older konsoles or with newer konsoles.
To make life easier for everyone add an compat alias --nofork, which
behaves exactly like separate.

(this unbreaks steam, which is a notable recent offender of falling into
 this particular trap)

builds + noforks + separates

poor steam also is happily opening a konsole now

Martin Tobias Holmedahl Sandsmark
Harald Sitter
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