Dolphin Part: Fix problem with Konqueror paste action

Review Request #129448 - Created Nov. 20, 2016 and submitted

Jonathan Marten
dolphin, kde-baseapps
When Konqueror is being used as a file manager, the enable state of its "paste" action is not being correctly updated when changing to or showing a new directory.  More information is in the bug report, but what seems to be happening is that Dolphin as an application updates the state of its paste action both at the beginning of a directory listing operation and at the end.  Only at the latter time is the paste information correctly up to date.  When Konqueror uses the Dolphin part, its paste action is only updated at the beginning of a listing, which does not reflect the correct state.

This change connects an additional signal within the part so that the paste action is correctly updated at the end of the listing.  It does not affect Dolphin the application, because that does not use itself as a part.
Built Dolphin and Konqueror with this change, checked correct operation and enable state of the paste action when changing directories and between applications.  Also verified by bug submitter.
Jonathan Marten
Albert Astals Cid
Jonathan Marten
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Submitted with commit 16db90c7938d09bfa8916afef8cce8dd258fa00d by Jonathan Marten to branch master.