Fix dangling pointer in KPackageJob

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David Edmundson
kdeframeworks, plasma

A KPackage::Package object uses qexplicitlyshareddata, and it designed
to be kept on the stack and copied. However, PackageJob takes a pointer
to a package, which it later updates, which is expected to exist for the
lifecycle of the job.

This means

Package p = PackageLoader::self()->loadPackage(..);

will crash.

Given that, I don't think this is an application error, and but a
library bug.

Both plasmashell installation and uninstallation have this problem:

BUG: 370718
BUG: 369935

As Package is not a QObject we can't just use a QWeakPointer, and
we can't just copy the Package in the packagejob as we need to detatch
and update the *original* KPackage instance. Also to match behaviour we need to do this without changing any other
KPackage instances sharing the same shareddata.

Not a neat fix at all, but there aren't many options that work
without breaking API or behaviour.

Crashing unit test
No longer crashes.


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