Refactor pixmap grabbing, add robustness

Review Request #129176 - Created Oct. 13, 2016 and submitted

Peter Wu
Do not go in an infinite loop when the root window cannot be captured
(bug 370303). Avoid crashing xcb_image_destroy by checking for NULL.

Split the getWindowPixmap into three logical methods depending on the
consumer: obtaining a pixmap from KWin, obtaining a pixmap from a single
window and obtaining a pixmap from a full screen. This enables some
optimizations, like obtaining a smaller area of the screen without
cropping. Additionally, it will make fixing HiDPI support easier.

Added robustness: if KWin somehow fails, now it will fallback to a
fullscreen capture instead of an null pixmap.

BUG: 370303

Tried all options, with/with decoration/cursor. Picture is still grabbed correctly.
Made isKwinAvailable return false to try the fallback path.

The linked bug is fixed as side-effect, now it does not crash anymore in Weston/XWayland, but the picture is still empty.

Boudhayan Gupta
Peter Wu
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Submitted with commit 7a5603fda8f1e591d31dba1ad178c44ad6847cc2 by Peter Wu to branch master.