Don't use native color picker

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Antonio Rojas

kcolorchooser fails to run in GTK desktops, since it tries to embed the native GTK color picker instead of the Qt one. This forces it to use the Qt dialog.

kcolorchooser runs in XFCE

Antonio Rojas
Albert Astals Cid
Aleix Pol Gonzalez
Antonio Rojas
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Christoph Feck
> kcolorchooser fails

Can you check other KDE applications that use QColorDialog, e.g. KolourPaint? I would hate to make applications force the native Qt dialog, just because some Qt integration fails.
  1. Yes, the color picker works fine in all other applications and uses the native one for the running DE. The problem is only with kcolorchooser, where the application is the color picker.