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Peter Wu
bgupta, robwu

KSnapshot has this very nice feature where the selection size is
visible. This made it possible to use it as a measurement tool or create
screenshots with precise dimensions so restore this feature.

The 100x100 boundary was taken from KSnapshot while the positioning
policy, colors and boundaries were chosen by me.

Tested with light and dark background preference.


Scenarios tested:

  • Close to top of the window, small height. Infobox positioned below selection with some margin in between.
  • Similar as before, but with more space on top of the selection and the infobox positioned on top.
  • Larger height, infobox inside. Centered position looks approximately correct.
  • Tested the light background preference, a border is drawn around the infobox for better visibility.

Tested with my brother Rob who complained about this missing feature, he seems to be happy with it.

Peter Wu
Peter Wu
Peter Wu
Boudhayan Gupta
Peter Wu
Peter Wu
Boudhayan Gupta
Peter Wu
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