Use modern KF5 plugin system

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Kai Morwinski

This is a basic approach to use KF5's or Qt5's new plugin system to get rid of some deprecated KDE4 members.

Changes so far

  • embed desktop files as json metadata inside plugin
  • use KPluginLoader::findPlugins() instead of the old KService & KSycoca mechanism
  • removed use of deprecated class KPluginInfo
  • removed use of deprecated macro K_EXPORT_PLUGIN


The following things could be done to further improve the code:

  1. convert desktop files permanently to the new json format
  2. cirkuit_backend.desktop could be dropped
  3. use kcoreaddons_add_plugin() instead of separate add_library() and install() commands in the CMakeLists.txt files
  4. build system will then also depend on json-file and trigger a build update if the metadata is changed
  5. simplify CMakeLists.txt
  6. move plugins to subdir inside of Qt5's plugin dir
  7. KPluginLoader::findPlugins() will not have to scan all plugins

I also attached the changes as separate git formatted patches to this review.

Builds and installs fine for me. Plugins are all found and loaded.


Kai Morwinski
Kai Morwinski
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