Fix crashes in NotifyByAudio

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Albert Astals Cid

Phonon::MediaObject::stop does not emit finished and thus onAudioFinished is not called and thus finished() was not called and then when closing the app, the notification manager would go and delete all the non finished notifications, meaning it would call close() again, add the same Phonon::MediaObject to m_reusablePhonons again and then crash because it would delete them twice in the destructor

configure konsole notifications to emit sound on "Bell in Visible Session" and also show an info box.

Make it bell and quickly close the info box.

Close konsole.

Without this patch it will crash.


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We only want this sound looping check to be in ::onAudioFinished() not called from ::close() David Edmundson David Edmundson
Anthony Fieroni
David Edmundson
Albert Astals Cid
David Edmundson
Albert Astals Cid
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