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Andreas Kainz

the single kcm's use the plural description so also the group should use plural like Icons.

David Edmundson
Andreas Kainz
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Marco Martin

as we are in string freeze, Is this in master only right?

  1. I only push in master branches. I hope this is correct but if I have something for backporting, I would ask someone of the plasma team. In LibreOffice I learn that you can push into master when someone make a review. if you want to backport stuff you need two reviewers. I think this is a good strategy.

    I push to master and it isn't my intention to push to 5.8.

  2. ok then, for master the change is all good :)

    here my question was because being near to release, if a string needs to be changed, a special exception needs to be granted by the translators, as they should be aware (because changing a message near release means said message won't be translated anymore)