kded: remove dbus calls to ksplash.

Review Request #129010 - Created Sept. 24, 2016 and updated

David Faure
Not needed anymore since June (b6058a0 in plasma-workspace, i.e. Plasma 5.7).


Luigi Toscano

Wouldn't this break the compatibility with older Plasma (one can argue that Plasma should be updated, but it's a behavioral change).

  1. Yes it would. Can you suggest an appropriate time frame for this cleanup? I was hoping two plasma releases (5.7 and 5.8) was OK, I can wait more, but I'd like to keep cleaning up kded from workspace stuff at some point, it really doesn't belong there.

  2. I don't have an answer. it boils down to the promise of binary compatibility in Frameworks. If it includes behavioral compatibility, this couldn't theoretically be changed in the lifetime of 5. That said, I guess that the only user of this specific change is Plasma, so this specific case could be a really specific exception which would be announced making sure that it's well known.