Implement flashlight flashing in FinMyPhone plugin

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Łukasz Żarnowiecki

I think this a really nice feature when trying to find a phone.

Yes, Android 5.1


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Łukasz Żarnowiecki
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Aleix Pol Gonzalez

AndroidManifest.xml (Diff revision 1)

I find it a bit odd to extend KDE Connect permissions to camera for the feature.

  1. If you want to have an access to flashlight, you need to have this permission. I understand that it might be weird that kind of application wants to have an access to the camera, but this is really a cool feature. The phone could be much more easily located if you see the strobe light somewhere in the room and if someone is concerned about camera abuse he or she can study the code. This is really not evil thing.

    Also the camera permission could be further use to implement other features.

    • remote shutter
    • streaming video from camera
    • using camera in your computer as a normal device
    • ... and more
  2. The reason this feature was not included in the first place was because of the camera permission. I don't think it is worth adding an extra permission just for this feature: Adding new permissions makes the Play Store not update the app automatically because it has to prompt the user! which usually results in a notable upgrade funnel. If there are more features (like the ones you mention) that justify adding this permission, then we will of course add it, but as of now I strongly disagree with doing so.
  3. Maybe this could be solved using Android 6's new Permission System (at least for Marshmallow+ devices)

  4. Yes, but we don't support it yet :(
  5. Well, we now do :)

Albert Astals Cid

Should we discard this review then?