allow users to control "automatic" property of newly created transitions; corrected handling during copy+paste

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The DiveO

This patch allows users to control the automatic property of transitions when creating new transitions, for instance, through the timeline clip context menu, or by dragging and dropping a transition. For this, it implements a new configuration option, accessible both from the status bar, as well as the "timeline" tab of the configuration dialog.

Additionally, this patch fixes the inconsistent behavior when copying and pasting transitions. The pasted transition now properly takes over the automatic setting from the clipboard.

Testing done using recent Kdenlive git master on Kubuntu 16.04LTS with recent Qt and KF5 updates installed.

The DiveO
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Submitted with commit a4191ce71025e3c5e6dda12961f3404100ecd92d by Jean-Baptiste Mardelle to branch master.