[KTp/Message] Direction of received message now depends on sender

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Alexandr Akulich

If the sender is selfContact, then the direction should be LocalToRemote even for ReceivedMessages.

With this fix Scrollback feature in ktp-text-ui starts to partially work.

Remaining issues (with scrollback):
- If ktp-proxy is on, then sender of received message forced to the channel target, so all received messages would be "incoming";
- Messages in TextUi appears in order of receiving. This means that if scrollback received from the newer to older messages, then the older message would be showed at the end (like if it was been just sent).

Compiles, runs. Fixes scrollback for 40% (30% and 30% are broken ktp-proxy and buggy ktp-text-ui, which shows messages in straight instead of chronological message order).

Alexandr Akulich
Aleix Pol Gonzalez
Alexandr Akulich
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