[ktp-common-internals] [debugger] Split logic and UI

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Alexandr Akulich

The main goal of this change is to split logic and UI parts

This is the first step in direction to debugger, which:
1) works with any Telepathy process with DebugInterface support;
2) detects new processess "on fly";
3) has no hardcoded services;
4) shows one process just once, independently of number of dbus services, registered by the process.

The change also opens a way to a QML-based UI at some point in future.

Questionable thing is the "TelepathyProcess" class name.
TelepathyService does not fit, because:
1) Single process can expose a number of services (e.g. MissionControl),
2) The debug interface is applicable to any telepathy application, including clients, so word "Service" (which is not associated with clients) would mislead.

I uploaded a draft of "second step" to my scratch repo:

I will make a ReviewRequest with the second part on this (split) commit landed.

Works as previously.


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