Fix message classes for history items

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Mariusz Glebocki
"incoming" and "outgoing" classes for history messages are swapped - they are used for local to remote and remote to local messages, respectively. This bug is visible in styles that use a single .html file for sent and received messages, relying on a class.
I don't know which theme could be used to test it - I spotted this while playing with theme creation. Everything without an "Outgoing" directory and with distinguishable incoming/outgoing messages should be ok.
- compile/run: OK
- talk with someone, close the window, open the chat again, check the last chat message's direction: OK
Alexandr Akulich
Mariusz Glebocki
Mariusz Glebocki
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Submitted with commit 7e429544a6f5530365c22ca5f83b4fc4e97de658 by Alexandr Akulich on behalf of Mariusz Glebocki to branch master.