WindowThumbnail: Do GL calls in the correct thread

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David Edmundson
kdeframeworks, plasma

WindowThumbnail did some open GL operations, discarding old textures, in the GUI thread. Whislt it's not going to cause a threading issue (as updatePaintNode always ran when the main thread was blocked) we're not meant to mix threads with openGL contexts.

It also seems to have a GL leak on nvidia, which was previously masked
by the double delete fixed in
It seems only one worked, and in the applied version we went with the wrong one.

This patch makes use of QQuickItem::releaseResources to delete the GL
textures on window change and destructor; it's then removed from
stopRedirecting so that start/stop redirecting handles xcb on the GUI thread and updatePaintNode/discardPixmap is the GL stuff on the render thread.



Using nvidia with proprietory drivers (which puts me QSG_RENDER_LOOP=threaded) mouse over the panel a lot. VRAM didn't increase. Previews still appear.
"Used Dedicated Memory:" in nvidia-settings remained roughly static, rather than constantly increasing.


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This is added in Qt 5.6, but: set (REQUIRED_QT_VERSION "5.3.0") which is also wrong. Hrvoje Senjan Hrvoje Senjan
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Martin Flöser
David Edmundson
Martin Flöser
David Edmundson
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Hrvoje Senjan


This is added in Qt 5.6, but:
which is also wrong.