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Peter Wu
davidedmundson, dfaure, hpereiradacosta

Since Qt 5.6.0, Qt5 applications started crashing on exit. All signs
point to this delete-on-destroy hack which was added to avoid outliving
the plugin lifetime.

This method is wrong because the returned style is owned by the caller
(QApplication, QProxyStyle, etc) and will cleaned up when those users
are destructed.

Copied from breeze patch

Started QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=oxygen LD_LIBRARY_PATH=... QT_PLUGIN_PATH=... wireshark -o (an invalid option that triggers exit(1)) and observe a heap-use-after free similar to the one reported in the bug. Apply this patch, rebuild oxygen and notice that the crash is fixed. Also tested with "Testcase (ASAN)" from bug 356940, crash is also gone.


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