Backport karchive fix for out of directory files

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Albert Astals Cid
cordlandwehr, dfaure

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David Faure
Andreas Cord-Landwehr
Albert Astals Cid
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Submitted with commit dd1c2da9d26fd4cfc7fe0a25f413e536d56cf2db by Albert Astals Cid to branch KDE/4.14.
Sebastian Kügler

This patch seems to have caused a regression when installing some wallpaper packages, Marco fixed it in the knewstuff frameworks with 39b33ddd1e21c017b. We may have a problem now -- we'll have to fix Plasma 4? :/

  1. a quick look on that commit, how is related to this one? they seem to be touching different parts of the code

  2. Wallpaper packages were unzipped into the parent directory instead of creating a subdirectory for the wallpaper. This commit caused this regression, Marco's commit fixed it in knewstuff. (It should be relatively easy to test, try installing my "Borneo Pink" wallpaper from the wallpaper dialog in Plasma and look into ~/.local/share/wallpapers/ directory (with and without patches).

  3. I'm going to be away from a computer for almost 3 weeks, make sure you cotnact Andreas/David off this site (it's easy to ignore comments on already submitted reviews) if they don't answer to try to get this fixed.

  4. Was there any progress on this front?

  5. Not from my side, it slipped off my radar. :/