Proofread + update Konqueror docbook chapters up to bookmarks

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Burkhard Lück
docs, kde-baseapps

proofread + update
remove entity kappname + package, no longer used
bump date + releaseinfo
remove kde sc
remove commented lines
replace some keys with entities (up, down, left, right etc.)
replace info about webshortcuts + useragent with links to systemsettings modules
replace kde ftp with l10n ftp (tosky: ok?)
comment sect1 portnumbers, is this still usefull?

new screenshots, not uploaded so far, want me to do that?

passes checkXML5


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Err, OK, FIXME was in fact clearer ;-) David Faure David Faure
Burkhard Lück
David Faure
Burkhard Lück
David Faure
Burkhard Lück
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