VCardTool: parseDateTime and createDateTime refactoring

Review Request #128655 - Created Aug. 12, 2016 and submitted

Benni Hill
- split createDateTime into createDate and createTime so they can be used separately to either export the date or the time. (createDateTime always exported the time because dateTime.time().isValid() returns true when dateTime has a valid date.)
- parseDateTime now also recognizes offsets from UTC (e.g. +0100 or -12:30)
- createDateTime can now write offsets from UTC
- when parseDateTime can't parse the time *timeValid is set to false (I would like to use this in my next patch to prevent that the birthday field is parsed with a time when no time is present)
- adjusted customidentifiertest and importexportvcardtest because they failed now
- added some tests for createDateTime and parseDateTime (I had to make them public therefore)



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