KIconLoader: massive speed improvement for loading unavailable icons

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David Faure
cfeck, drosca, mpyne, ogoffart
The code said "unknown icons should be searched for anew each time
[so that installing new icons works]". However this leads to massive
performance issues when opening the file dialog in a dir with many
files for which there is no mimetype icon.
In my case, 293 callgrind.out.* files in one dir (it's ironic that
they would create a huge performance issue...).

To make both sides happy (installing new icons should still work, but
still unknown icons shouldn't lead to a full disk search every time
icon.isNull() or icon.pixmap() is called), let's re-resolve unknown
icons again only after 5 seconds.

Benchmark results for loading an unavailable icon :
before: 43 msecs per iteration    (1897 disk locations checked)
after: 0.013 msecs per iteration  (pixmap found in the on-disk cache)
And the file dialog no longer crawls to a halt in the dir with 293 callgrind files.

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