[KNotifications] Re-enable NotifyByLogfile plugin

Review Request #128456 - Created July 15, 2016 and discarded

Shane Synan

Add NotifyByLogfile back to CMakeLists.txt and knotificationmanager.cpp now that it's been ported to KF5/Qt5. This fixes Log to file failing to function as expected, e.g. when configured by KNotifyConfig.

See commit a8d13825ec4e7fe00dc8eae4aec7042ceb6ce4ee

Environment used:
- Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64
- Quassel client and/or monolithic 0.12.2
- Ubuntu repos: quassel-client or quassel
- Any application that generates notifications with KNotifications and allows configuring the Log to file option should work
- KNotifications from master branch
- For Ubuntu 16.04, CMake configuration needs tweaked to compile alongside other KDE 5.18.0 components

  1. Set up the program to generate a notification
    For Quassel monolithic, go through setup, connect to Freenode as some nick
  2. Configure notifications to use the Log to file option
    For Quassel, Settings ? Configure Notifications…, and enable Log to file for all options, including the … when focused variants
    Note: due to an unrelated dependency issue where libkf5notifications5 does not pull in phonon4qt5, you also need to either install phonon4qt5 or uncheck Play a sound for all options
  3. Generate a notification
    For Quassel, open Freenode web-chat, send your Quassel nickname a message
  4. Observe that the log file is not updated
  5. Apply this patch, replacing the system installed copy of libKF5Notifications.so
    For Ubuntu 16.04 with modified CMakeLists.txt, sudo cp ~/path/to/knotifications-build/src/libKF5Notifications.so.5.18.0 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libKF5Notifications.so.5.18.0
  6. Restart the notification program, generate a notification again
  7. Observe that the log file is updated
Shane Synan
Shane Synan
Shane Synan
Shane Synan
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Addressed in commit cd83fadb9888ff344f7b89deda5b17ecbba94b1c