KNewFileMenu: fix creating symlinks with a relative target.

Review Request #128451 - Created July 14, 2016 and submitted

David Faure
chinmoyr, whiting
KNameAndUrlInputDialog::url() makes URLs absolute (which is useful in
general, for e.g. passing to KIO), so I added urlText() to retrieve
the text as is.

This removes all the code about showing an error on remote URLs; we just
create symlinks to the requested target, whether it looks like "../foo" or
"a:/b" which could be a relative path too (although an unusual one).

Bug misreported as a comment in bug 352927.

Created a symlink to "../anotherdir" in konqueror/dolphinpart using "Create New" / "Basic link to file or directory...", the target now stays relative.

I looked up who wrote that symlink creation code in order to add him as a reviewer .... turns out the author of commit 8684162 in kde-baseapps is .... me.

David Faure
Jeremy Whiting
David Faure
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Submitted with commit 4f7b8c13709e53f58545ae238210b345e1923108 by David Faure to branch master.