KCM move digital camera into subsection removable-device

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Andreas Kainz

with this patch https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/128445/ I add an subgroup removabel devices and now I move the kcm digital camera into the new subgroup.

Andreas Kainz
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Submitted with commit 8277178cdfae15121607e48577d8cb2a367acab1 by andreas kainz to branch master.
Luigi Toscano

No review for this?

You applied this to kamera, shipped with KDE Applications, and you applied it to master only, which means KDE Applications 16.12 (next December).

- was this intended, or should have landed into Applications 15.08?
- what happens when this patch is applied and the application is installed on a system with the old Plasma? Will the applet be visible inside systemsettings?
- and the other way around: what happens if the program without the patch (so with the current category) is executed inside a systemsettings with the new categories?
- are there other similar patches around for other programs which are in KDE Applications and not in Plasma?

  1. I add the subgroup 2 days ago to kde:systemsettings repository. after it was there in master I'll test the subgroups for digital camera, removable devices and device actions (the last two are in kde:plasma-desktop) as plasma-desktop will ship with 5.8 in autumn I would say let it in master and the camera kcm will ship with 16.12 in the new subgroup. so it is as it is now and with 16.12 the kcm will move.