KRecursiveFilterProxyModel: fix QSFPM corruption due to filtering out rowsRemoved signal

Review Request #128428 - Created July 12, 2016 and submitted

David Faure
mlaurent, skelly
If the row being removed from the source model isn't shown by KRFPM,
it's correct that we don't need to emit any signals, however we still
need to tell our base class QSFPM so that it updates the mappings
of the visible siblings below that removed row.

Testcase: deleting the Last Search folder in kmail
(full integration test for this testcase will be added to mailcommon).
* Removing the Last Search folder in kmail
* This unittest showed [3* ] instead of [2* 3*] before the fix
* As mentionned, I wrote an automated test in mailcommon that creates+deletes the search folder, after ensuring it's above other resources in the ETM toplevel collection order.
I spent about 15-20 hours debugging this before finally being able to create a failing test (then it was easy).
Laurent Montel
David Faure
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Submitted with commit e58d4813b9eb6125bad83cc4fd576d5d75d31c4b by David Faure to branch KDE/4.14.