Update KWalletmanager docbook to 16.04

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Burkhard Lück
docs, kdeutils

remove header entities already in kdoctools
bump date + releaseinfo
new screenshots
add info about default wallet kdewallet
add encrypted import + export, remove obsolete "Save as"
correct location of .kwl file
remove systen tray icons, not shown by default any longer
remove commented section about ksecrets
remove dead link to techbase




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This only works if kwallet_pam is installed (and properly configured). On certain distros (e.g. archlinux) it's not installed by default, ... Elvis Angelaccio Elvis Angelaccio
Not part of your diff, but here I would mention that an open wallet can be read by any user ... Elvis Angelaccio Elvis Angelaccio
typo: archiv -> archive Elvis Angelaccio Elvis Angelaccio
Burkhard Lück
Burkhard Lück
Elvis Angelaccio
Burkhard Lück
Burkhard Lück
Ragnar Thomsen
Elvis Angelaccio
Burkhard Lück
Burkhard Lück
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